Quick Tip: Online Grocery Ordering

We are faced with uncertain times right now and everywhere you look there is news regarding the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) that has become a global pandemic. Uncertainty with this new virus has also caused new levels of alert and social-distancing has become a new term that we are all becoming familiar with.

I was out shopping this weekend for groceries and personal items and found that with the heightening levels of alert and concerns for personal safety, there has been a rush to purchase certain grocery and personal items including toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, canned soups, etc.

In this quick tip, I’d like to share a resource that is available at most grocery stores and big-box retailer companies and that is ONLINE GROCERY SHOPPING with CURBSIDE PICKUP and/or DELIVERY!

If you’ve not yet used online shopping, I put together a quick guide for stores offering online grocery shopping in the Canton, Georgia area. The benefits of online shopping include convenience and the ability to find items that you need that may otherwise be out of stock. You can secure your order online for when the stores receive shipments. It sure beats running out to a crowded store to find the items you really need are already sold out.

We hope this guide helps you in some small way. Please share with anyone that you feel could benefit from this.

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